Scraps, Orts and Fragments

Discovering a drawing of Julia Prinsep Stephen by George Frederick Watts

This is one of my favourite portraits of Julia Stephen so I wanted it for my Home Page, though it is rather dark. It seems to epitomise her elusive nature and her surface calm.

Thackeray stories of separation

William Makepeace Thackeray, the famous novelist and Jackson family friend, was one of the many children whose separation from his mother haunted him for the rest of his life. 

Entertaining Pattles

Julia Stephen was born into a family who loved to entertain and to socialise. Their lives revolved around convivial dinner and tea parties, games, conversation and gossip.

Did the Body in the Barrel go round the Cape of Good Hope?

James Pattle caused as much controversy after his death as during his life. 

Mia Jackson and the Malvern Water Cure

Julia Stephen’s mother, Maria (Mia) Jackson, suffered from disabling and very painful rheumatism for most of her life. The water-cure was then thought to be the best treatment for that, and a number of other illnesses and complaints.